1. Read Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions of export (export agreement carefully before placing /signing any Pro-forma Invoice).

2. Price

Normally all the prices are on FOB basis unless a request for CFR/CIF etc. from the importer.

3. Packing

The packing shall be done as per global standard, 5/7 ply cartons to avoid damage during transportations/shipping. Each carton contains Celica Gel and poly pack to avoid moisture/fungus.

4. Payment

Payment must be made against TT or L/C at sight. All the commercial transaction is from our Jaipur office bank accounts. We do not accept any Advance payment through our distributors, agents, representatives.

5. Delivery

Delivery will be made by Air/Vessel-as per pro forma invoice/formal order.

6. Product Origin

All products’ place of origin is India.

7. Important information’s

This export agreement is a legal contract between importer (Buyer) and Pankaj agro Commodities. The importer accepts this sale Agreement (in addition to additional terms and conditions in our quotations) by making a purchase (placing a purchase order/signing Pro Forma-Invoice). This sale agreement continues the entire agreement between importer and Pankaj agro Commodities relating to all import of goods (i.e. jute/cotton/paper bag etc.) The electronic record (this terms and conditions in addition to terms and conditions in our quotations) are valid, shall be accepted under the sale agreement. In the event of any conflict between the terms and conditions stated in our quotation and this electronic sale agreement or any terms and conditions on our invoices, you (the importer/buyers) agree that the provision of this sale agreement and our quotation shall control.

The importer (Foreign buyers) agrees to be bound by this sale agreement and accepts its terms and conditions (unless the customer has signed for some separate formal purchase agreement in addition to above business terms and conditions) with “Pankaj agro Commodities.

8. Governing Law

The importer (buyers) consents to the jurisdictions of the state courts located in Jaipur, INDIA for purpose of any suit, action or proceeding arising out of this sale agreement.

9. Order and Payment Terms

Invoices are due and payable (through our bankers) within the time period noted on the pro-forma-invoice measured from the date of the invoice. All the payment should be made as per Signed pro forma invoice. The importer is responsible for sales and all other direct /indirect taxes, duties of their country associated with the pro forma, invoice or order.

10. Shipping Terms

ort. Loss or damage that occurs during transit by a carrier selected /Nominated by the importer is importers responsibility. We are not responsible for any loss or damage to the goods during transit by air or by ship. We are not responsible for any delay in delivery made by carriers.

11. General Legal Disclaimer

There is no guarantee /warranty on all Fresh fruits and vegetables (Perishable food item). Orders are subject to +/- 10% variation. The final product may vary from the approved sample due to non-availability of raw materials and exact colour shades at the time of final productions. However Pankaj agro Commodities export uses every reasonable effort to supply/export accurate products as samples or digital image supplied by us or by the importer.


By placing an order to Pankaj agro Commodities export, the buyer (importer) acknowledges and agrees on Pankaj agro Commodities export these normal business terms and conditions in additions to terms and condition indicated in quotations.

13. Delivery Time

Although every special effort is made to supply all products in time, sometime it may delay in delivery due to some reasons which are beyond our controls, viz. heavy rain, other natural calamities, strike, floods.

14. Return Policy

Pankaj agro Commodities export supplies high-quality handmade products. In case importer has any complaint on product quality he (the importer) should make complaints within 48 hours from the arrival of goods in Air/Seaport. Pankaj agro Commodities export will try to rectify the problem. If the importer does not notify about damaged goods within the above mention period, Pankaj agro Commodities export will treat it as acceptance of all merchandise. Once exported, materials cannot be taken back.

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