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We supply Fresh Carrot (Daucus carota L) to the consumer. Carrot is one of the most popular vegetable crops. It is an annual or biennial herb. In India, mostly Asiatic carrots are grown. A carrot root consists of mainly two parts, outer flesh, and inner core. A good quality carrot is one that has more flesh as it consists of a secondary phloem region where sugars are mainly stored. It is a rich source of Vitamin A, B, C, iron and also rich in sugar.

Standard Quality:

  1. Well colored - means carrots in any lot shall have the same general color that is characteristic of the variety without the presence of purple or green crown.
  2. Well shape - means that 95% of the carrots in any lot shall not be forked.
  3. Smooth - means that 95% or more of the carrots in any lot shall not be rootlets to the extent that the rough, ridged or covered with secondary appearance is materially affected.

Fresh Carrot -Daucus carota L


Pesticide & Residue-Free, Organic Certified  


Fresh, Not woody, Clean, Free from disease


Free from damage Well shaped, Smooth Well colored.


Size:15-20 cm

Shell Life

30 Days

Packaging Type

Box Type

Packaging Size

20 Kg


By Sea and Air Both

Dispatch time

2-3 Days after Confirmation of Order

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