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Pankaj Agro Commodities Pack-house facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology-driven systems to ensure that Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are washed, sorted and packed adhering to the most stringent quality standard. It consists of Pack House, Pre Cooling facility, Cold storage facility, Quality control team and loading area.

1. Pack House

Our packhouse is spread across the area of 25000 Square feet which allows us to sort, grade and pack at least 100MT of produce per day with the help of 1200 seasonal skilled workers.

2. Storage

Our Controlled Atmosphere Storage involves carefully placing the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in large airtight refrigerated rooms where temperature, oxygen, carbon-di-oxide and humidity are carefully monitored. This controlled atmosphere slows down the respiration rate of the fruit which in turn slows the ripening process.


  • Extended storage life resulting round the year availability
  • Maintenance of fruit firmness
  • Stops the development of certain storage disorders such as scald in apples, and slow the growth of decay organisms
  • Realization of a higher degree of turgidity so that fruit
  • Appears juicier and crunchier
  • Better retention of nutrients
  • Effective control of disease-causing microorganisms


Our Modern Equipped Facilities having pre-cooling Chambers capacity of 6 MT per chamber measuring 3 chambers, as well as one jumbo pre-cooling chamber having 10 MT capacity. The Grapes are precooled at 1 C from their field temperature.

Cold Storage

Cold storage capacity 30 MT per cold Room having 3 Rooms for storage. The room is finished with state-of-the-art pre-coated polyester sheets affording a high order of cleanliness and hygiene. ROOM TEMPERATURE 1 C and 98% RH.

3. Laboratory

Pankaj Agro Commodities is Well Equipped Laboratories and Testing Centre to get the information about the actual requirement of plant for major nutrient by analyzing soil, water Petiole, Bud Testing & fertilizers and uptake by the plant by analyzing petioles and accordingly the dose of fertilizers are recommended. Members also get the facility of bud testing for this purpose society has a well expert staff. The farmer has taken the Benefit & Improve the Quality of Grapes.

4. Export Packing Centre

  • Latest high end 4 Lane automatic equipment
  • Produce sorted according to Weight
  • Integrated Software
  • An additional provision of Color & Size Grading
  • Infrared CCD cameras used for sorting by size
  • A colour CCD camera system is used to sort the fruit by colour
  • Special cups suitable for sorting of Fruits of different shapes and sizes
  • Bin DE stackers
  • Provision of Fruits Washing in Bin Dumper with Chlorine treatment before packing
  • All the contact parts of the machine with fruit, made of food-grade material

5. Container Loading

Our packhouse is located in Nashik city in the Maharashtra state of India. Nashik is known as an agriculture and horticulture land of India. Proximity to nearest sea/air ports in Mumbai allows us to ship the fresh fruits and vegetables to the different continents of the world without affecting its colour, freshness and natural taste.

6. Working At Glance

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